I’m Rima, a scientist and a human being who believes in free thinking and free expression for all.

Since February, I have been the target of censorship due to my blog. Since May 2021, I have been suspended from my tenured position without pay.

Depuis février passé, je suis la cible d‘une violente campagne de censure à cause de mon blog. Depuis le mois de mai, je suis suspendue sans solde.

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  1. Hi Rima,
    I guess more people from outside of Canada would be able to support you if a paypal option was available on your gofundme page.
    Stay strong.

    With love and support.


    1. Many thanks Pawel for your great idea. Unfortunately, Go Fund Me does not have this option (it only exists for certified charity fundraisers). However, if you would like to either make a donation yourself or to advertise it in your circle, I can happily and gratefully accept private donations (you can see my email in the contact of this website). MANY thank for your kind and supportive words. I send my love back to you as well as to the UK :)! Rima

  2. Thank you, Dr. Azar. You are a proud Canadian, and, as one born in Pictou County, I am ashamed of Mount A.

    1. Dear Margaret (or Ms. Agnew), I am very moved by your kindness. THANK you for seeing in me the proud Canadian [and Maritimer :)] that I am! Greetings to you and to the/our beautiful Pictou County (NS) where you were born. Rima

  3. Dear Rima
    I was heartbroken watching your talk with Dr. JP. It’s repulsive to see all the hard work and dedication of an honorable professor thrown out of the window. Forcing you to defend your integrity while many voices that should be supporting you are cowardly silent.
    As a Christian, this reminds me of when crowds were chanting “Crucify him” to Pilate (concerning Jesus) and many voices, even those who knew better, were silent. Just so you know, though our voices may be insignificant and less powerful, just know that we are with you and hold you in high esteem. You are standing for us. You are not alone. Keep fighting for what you believe in. True heroes are unrecognized but virilized during their time. You are one of them.

    1. Dear Marcellin, I am BOTH deeply touched and honoured by your kind and compassionate words! Your comment, with your example, is so deep and meaningful. I touches Bambi’s heart in so many ways. MANY thanks for your humanity!! Rima

  4. Dr. Azar,

    Please continue your fight against what is happening to you at this University. You are an inspiring person and I full hearted support your cause.
    Fear cannot be allowed to silence good, sensible people from doing what is right. So it is because of people like you that I have found inspiration to pick up the pen and again and write about what I believe in without allowing the fear of being attacked hold me back any longer.

    Thank you Dr.

    1. Dear Toby (or Mr. Kolada), MANY thanks for your kind and supportive support.Your comment means the world to me: I am honoured by what you shared! All the best to you and bravo/thank you for your courage and perseverance. I would love to read you :)! Rima

  5. Greetings from TN!

    Just a quick note of encouragement. There are many many MANY people who have heard of your plight over the last few weeks. ( I myself have mentioned your story to a few others just in the last few days). Fight the good fight, keep the faith. There are many of us who are concerned about the freedom of expression and the gobsmacking cowardice of those in charge of various institutions. Their quickness to bend the knee to the woke totalitarians is disgraceful.
    There are many who cheering for you and praying for you! I am one of those.

    1. Hello Tatar (from TN, if I understand well, wow!), I am deeply moved by your kind words. Thank your for your amazing support and prayers too. Highly appreciated! You take good care, please. Rima.

  6. Thanks much to you and JP for sharing the important ideas that thinking and speech should be free. Keep up the fight.
    Jonny in Seoul

    1. Many thanks Johnny (B-H) for your kind comment about Dr. Peterson, myself, and most significantly about your support of free thinking and free expression! This is our collective fight all of us, as human beings. Your note is much appreciated, especially because it comes from as far as Seoul, wow! Rima

  7. Dear Dr Azar,
    As I started typing, your name was autocorrected from Azar to Star. You are a star, shining in the sky. So many people support you. You are in a terrible situation, but everyone can see that you are right and the small-minded bureaucrats are completely wrong. You are fighting a noble and important cause. The dangerous thing about the attacks on you is that they are so ridiculous, petty and trivial. It is an attempt by frightened bureaucrats to dictate what you and others can say… on anything. But the issue at stake is not trivial. It is the future of Western universities. Stay strong! All decent academics who believe in freedom of speech are behind you. Greetings from Manchester in the UK.
    Best wishes,

    1. Dear Prof Alaric (Searle), I am both very moved and amused by your kind comment :). Indeed, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your strong support. All the way from Manchester, UK… what an honour for me! Thank you SO much!! Rima

  8. Hello, I write from Wales UK, and I have just listened to your interview with the awesome Dr J B Peterson. I feel for you very deeply as you have been unreasonably punished for voicing your opinion on your personal blog. I do not understand how this act impacts on your professional role; I believe that people have a life outside work. Your University has found you guilty as they have suspended you without pay, they have ruined your professional and personal reputation. It appears that you are unclear as to the allegations against you – this is wholly unjust. I know you know all of this but I wanted to state the obvious here. Fight them, even if you fight alone without the support of your colleagues, just fight! Stay well and I wish you peace and every success.

  9. This is what I’ve sent to Dr. Jean-Paul Boudreau:
    Mr. Robert Inglis, VP, Finance & Administration:
    Dear Dr. Jean-Paul Boudreau & Mr. Robert Inglis

    I write with alarm and concern about how you are treating Dr Azar at Mount Allison University.
    You have suspended her without pay for accusations you make against her that are spurious, unclear, permanently damage her professional and personal reputation, and all are related to her personal blog which in no way claimed to represent the University. By your actions she is deemed guilty and forced to prove her innocence. This is an offence of natural law and the rule of law.
    She is struggling to raise funds from strangers to defend herself. She is without income and prevented from working and entering your campus.
    What sort of University do you preside over? It appears to be a prima facie case of a University where prejudice, intolerance, fear and abuse of power reign.
    Is this really how you wish to advertise yourself to the world? The cliche is that all publicity is good publicity, but this will not be true when you realise the negative reputation your University will be labelled with for decades to come.
    Please admit your University’s mistakes as the public would admire and respect that action.
    Please reinstate Dr Azar now.

    best regards
    Diana M Smith
    from Wales UK

    1. Dear Diana (M Smith)– wow all the way from Wales, UK. MANY thanks for taking the time to write a letter to Mount Allison University and for sharing it with me. I SO MUCH appreciate your kindness and strong support!! Rima

  10. Dear Dr. Rima Azar,

    I hope you are doing well.

    My name is Jakub, and I am writing this letter to show my support for you and voice my disapproval of Mount Allison University’s decision to suspend you without pay. Your story is really sad and heart-breaking, it resonated with me and made me feel sympathy for you which propelled me to write this letter of support.

    I just listened to your interview with Dr. Jordan Peterson. Based on the interview, I think you are a well-educated, humble, and kindhearted human being. I do not think you did anything wrong and you should have your job back immediately.

    As a Candiain citizen, I am absolutely appalled at the decision to suspend you without pay. The Mount Allison University president, administration, faculty and staff should be ashamed of themselves for not supporting you and not defending the right for free-speech in an academic institution where freedom of speech and thought should be protected.

    Like yourself I am also an immigrant to Canada from the Middle East. Here is a bit of my life story, I was born in Bakhadida which is a small Christian village located near the City of Mosul in northern Iraq. That area is part of northern Iraq and it was taken by ISIS in 2014 until its liberation years later. My family immigrated to Canada in 2005. My family came to Canada because my parents were looking for a better life for us. After arriving to Canada, I went to high-school and then studied Mechanical Engineering at McMaster University in Ontario. I am currently working and that seems to be going well so far.

    One of the unclear and vague complaints against you is that you argued that Canada is not systemically racist. I happen to agree with this idea, I do not think Canada is systemically racist country and I was really disappointed when our PM Tr[udeau] mentioned that. For example, look at my life trajectory, I came here with my family and started pretty much with from zero, and after working hard for few years, I have a job and life seems to be going relatively well so far. I know our country is not perfect, we have many problems that we can work on, however I do not think Canada is systemically racist.

    It saddens me to see what is happening in our society from the erosion of free speech, the prevail of mob mentality on social media, group think, to the raise of cancel culture. I hope we can return to normalcy soon.

    Finally, I hope that your interview gets much more views and more attention. In addition, I hope you get your job back and win your legal fight against the university. I wish you the all the best with you current dispute and future endeavors.

    I will send this letter to Mount Allison University as well.

    Stay strong Dr. Rima.

    With love and support from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


    1. Dear Jakub, I am DEEPLY moved by your story; Shoukran/thank you for sharing it. Bravo to you/your family for making it safely to Canada and for your impressive accomplishments: Mechanical Engineering and how you positioned yourself (I am happy all is well with you)! I am happy to often see my fellow immigrants having the same experience as I do. This being said, I am both grateful and honoured by your support. THANK you!!Rima

  11. I have emailed Dr. Boudreau and Mr. Inglis in advocation for you, stating I am appalled by the cowardice of administration and demanding you receive an apology and recompense should the allegations be revealed as disproportionate, unfounded, or malicious. I wish you blessings moving forward!

  12. Copy of letter sent to Mount Allison

    Dr. Jean-Paul Boudreau,
    Mr. Robert Inglis

    I am writing in regard to the egregious treatment of the professor, Dr. Rima Azar.

    You have been entrusted with the direction of an institution of higher learning, and, as such, are privileged to play a role in forming the minds of tomorrow’s leaders.

    The lessons you are bestowing upon your students are:

    -there is only one opinion, and dogma rules
    -knee jerk reactions are laudable
    -there is no freedom to think out loud, even in one’s private life,
    -debate is unnecessary, mob mentality is so much better
    -due process is unnecessary, assuming guilt is more expedient
    -slander outweighs evidence
    -the proper way to counter a private opinion is via public pillorying
    -never talk to a person you disagree with; always escalate the issue first
    -critical thinking is unnecessary, context is irrelevant

    I can guarantee that these are not learning outcomes expected by Mount Allison’s Alumni, Board of Governors, your province’s taxpayers, or any right thinking individual. In addition, Mount Allison will have great difficulty attracting stellar instructors in the future due to the toxic, fear driven atmosphere of your creation.

    If the above lessons were applied in the private sector, it would be your careers in jeopardy, and certainly not that of Dr. Rami Azar.

    Marion Bacon
    Kamloops, BC

    Best wishes to a brave lady. Canada’s silenced majority is behind you!

    1. Dear Marion (Bacon), MANY thanks for your strong letter of support! I appreciate you sharing it with me and I am very grateful for your kind words. Warm regards from the East Coast all the way to you in Kamloops, BC! Rima

  13. Chère Dr. Azar,

    Je vous trouve extrêmement courageuse de tenir tête aussi dignement à vos bourreaux. Que Dieu continue de veiller sur vous.

  14. The progressive left does not believe anything it does is “wrong”. Their reasoning is “Our cause is so noble, whatever means we use to accomplish it is not only permissible, but also laudable.” Therefore actions such as silencing those who disagree with you, cancelling people’s careers because they have an opinion contrary to yours and even outright violence [such as the kinds of rioting and property destruction we’ve seen in places like Portland] become “acts of heroism on behalf of the glorious cause!” If no one stands up against this kind of fascist ideology, then everyone loses. Mount Allison should be deeply ashamed of their cowardly actions.

    1. Many thanks Kenneth (Jenkins) for taking the time to share your thoughtful insights, for your call for both courage and wisdom, and for your kind support. Rima

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