Research Interests

My research interests Taking a biopsychosocial approach to health, Dr. Azar’s work focuses on the biobehavioural mechanisms linking stress and health from a developmental perspective. She has a particular interest in: (1) maternal and paternal coping strategies when caring for children with chronic or complex health conditions; (2) patient/family navigation and peer-to-peer support for families… Continue reading Research Interests

Awards, Honours, & Grants

Grants, awards, & honours Half-Sabbatical Leave Award, Marjorie Young Bell Faculty Fund (Category A, July-December, 2020) Our CRIC (where NaviCare/SoinsNavi is housed at) team selected as “Research Team of the month” (2019) by NBHRF Sabbatical Leave Award, Marjorie Young Bell Faculty Fund (Category A, Fall 2016-Fall 2017) Plaque from CIHR’s IHDCYH for Distinguished Service as Advisory… Continue reading Awards, Honours, & Grants

Teaching: Courses taught

Courses Psychology 1001: Introduction to Psychology I  Psychology 2611: Health Psychology Psychology 3021: Psychological Measurement (2008-2011) Psychology 4501: Advanced Health Psychology [Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) Seminar] Psychology 3991: Perinatal Health Psychology For more details, please read the description of these courses on my Psychobiology of Stress & Health Lab (PSHL)’s website (


EDUCATION: CIHR Postdoctoral Fellow Position, University of Toronto Health Network’s Women’s Health Program (ON, Canada) PhD, Developmental Psychoneuroendocrinology, University of Montreal’s Psychology Department (QC, Canada)  BSc & MSc, Developmental Psychology, University of Montreal’s School of Developmental Psychology [“École de Psychoéducation”] (QC, Canada)

Select Publications

SELECT PUBLICATIONS (** underlined names indicate trainees) Ryan D., Azar R., Doucet S., Luke A. (2021; accepted for publication). Conduct disorder: A review of the literature and the impact on caregivers. Healthy populations.  Gorter J.W., Amaria K., Kovacs K.H., Rozenblum R., Thabane L., Galuppi B., Nguyen L., Strohm S., Mahlberg N., Via-Dufreshne Ley A., Marelli… Continue reading Select Publications